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  • fluctuating weight

    I lost 45 pounds 7 years ago and gained 20 back. I stopped doing a lot of cardio and just have been lifting. It is harder to loose the weight back? [ read more ]

  • p90x

    What are your thoughts and recommendation on p90x - yes, no, do you think its specific to a certain body type and personality? [ read more ]

  • breastfeeding mother, wishing to get back to adding physical activity

    I enjoy free weights and have focused on my nutrition in the past in order to lose or maintain weight. Now I have limited time, I am not creative with my workouts, i overeat... [ read more ]

  • Gym activities for tennis player

    I am a 70 years old avid tennis player. My leg and arm muscles seem to be weakening. Are there gym activities that would help? [ read more ]

  • Safe weights/body weight ratio.

    My doctor advises me to do weight lifting, for the purposes of strengthening spinal muscles and bones. Is there a safe range of weights/body weight ratio? [ read more ]

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